Edwin Epperson formed Spearson Investment Group LLC to offer sound investment options and to spearhead financial education into unique investments that most hard working Americans are not aware exist. 

    In the early part of 2002 he joined the United States Army.  Having served honorably for over a decade, he moved up in rank, responsibility and leadership.  He finished his career after attaining the leadership role of senior communications sergeant on a 12 man Special Forces combat dive team.

   Having served multiple tours of combat, stretching from the far East, to the Middle East.  From the Horn of Africa, to South America, he began to realize that the risk to reward of his own and his fellow warriors investments paled in comparison with the risk to reward of his military career.  Counting such noted authors as Robert Kiyosaki, George Antone, Napoleon Hill, Steven Scott and Dale Carnegie as mentors, he began down a path of self-education and a fundamental shift in paradigm. 

    In 2011 he determined to educate his fellow quite professionals about investment opportunities outside of the norm.  This education centers around private mortgage/ trust deed investing.  He believes the benefits thereof, for both partner investors and the real estate investor, whom his company lends too, are unmatched and un-paralleled.  

    Edwin purposes to make the same core values of his faith and military career the life blood of his private mortgage investing company.  TRANSPARENCY, INTEGRITY, and HONOR are his company's core beliefs and foundational principles by which he lives life, conducts business, and serves others.

    “ I believe we have been given a mission during our time on this earth.  That everyone’s waking breath is to discover his or her purpose and pursue that purpose as if your very life depends upon it.  I look forward to connecting with you, finding ways to serve you, and together, successfully accomplishing our life's mission set before us.”