Edwin Epperson, CEO of Spearson Investment Group goes over in detail what our Joint Venture Funding solution looks like and how any real estate investor, novice or experienced can take advantage of having Spearson Investment Group as part of their real estate empire team! 



    Have you been looking for a way to leverage your capital, and purchase more properties?  You see, there are many real estate investors who have developed system's and process's through which they receive continual deal flow.  They have teams of General Contractor's and sub contractors, who are licensed and proficient within their realm of expertise.  These investors may be using all of their own cash or they may be borrowing money from a hard money source, such as what we offer.  But what if they are wanting to grow and expand, to be able to close and fix up 1 more house per month?  Think about how powerful and how much more income you could generate by buying and rehabbing one more property per month.  There are many people with the teams and knowledge and experience in place to take on a much larger project, but then they are limited by the amount of capital they personally have.  What if there was a way you would only have to bring 10% of the ENTIRE project?  This means ALL cost associated with the project are covered from the purchase all the way to the final sale.  The project would be funded for 6 months.  This means you have 6 months to rehab and sale the property.  Thats pretty doable, yes?  Then what if on the back end, on the sale, you had a Joint Venture partner who understood the value that you bring on each deal.  So instead of taking 50% of the profit they would agree before hand on a set dollar amount, and based on the projected sale price that shared profit would typically be 40% or LESS!  Sound to good to be true?  

    Well at Spearson Investment Group LLC that is exactly what we have developed.  When you join our Joint Venture Funding solution you become a V.E.S.T'd Member.  Beyond that we have even more robust JV solutions, especially if your a General Contractor and looking for work.  If your interested in setting up a time to speak with Edwin Epperson, CEO of Spearson Investment Group, one-on-one concerning our Joint Venture Funding solution, please click on the button below.  You will fill out a specialty request, no obligation and no cost.  Edwin will speak with you over the phone and help you strategize how, together, we can help you accomplish your real estate investing goals faster than you ever imagined!   


Are you not interested in becoming a Tiered Operator?  Do you want to simply borrow money for your purchase and or rehab cost?  Please go to our Application to Collaborate solution to find out more.