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I want to say thank you for making a decision to pursue true freedom and begin to build generational wealth by coming on board as a Tiered Operator.  We will be in touch with you within 24 hours, and if we receive your Loan Application on the weekend we will follow up first thing in the morning on the following workday.  I look forward to coming along side of you and working with you to develop your business and build systems and process's that match your entrepreneurial spirit.   Together lets get you to your goal of true freedom and on the road to creating and building generational wealth.  

    Our process is simple and streamlined.  No matter if your looking for JV Funding, Transactional Funding, Rehab funding, Construction Funding, or good ole' 1st position loan funding, you can find all of our different programs by clicking on the Loan Application above.  This will get you setup in our company database and We can begin getting you project fully vetted and table funded as soon as possible!

      I look forward to spearheading your investments for the future.  If you would like to view some of our testimonials and or training videos please go to our navigation at the top and head to the appropriate link, which best describes you.  Are you a renovator or builder?  Head HERE.  Are you a Wholesaler looking for more opportunities to move your product?  Look HERE

If you are interested in spending less money upfront, therefore leveraging your own capital, I would encourage you to check out our Joint Venture Funding solution.  It is unique and there is nothing like it.  How would getting a fully funded project sound if you did not have to bring any money to the table?  How would you like having a team player (that would be us) in your corner encouraging and strategizing with you to get as many deals as possible, AND willing to provide the funding to help you accomplish that?  This is all possible when you join our Joint Venture Funding solution, as a Tier One Operator!