Edwin Epperson, CEO of Spearson Investment Group briefly describes what becoming the banker looks like and how you can spread your risk and increase your portfolios yield by diversifying into private mortgage and trust deed investing

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a banker?  We all grew up playing monopoly, and who was the one player that ALWAYS seemed to win?  Well as much as we wanted the fancy car, the individual playing the banker ALWAYS won, why?  Because they controlled the money.  By becoming the banker, you get to mitigate risk, make loans that fit within your risk profile, and best of all get paid every month.  Becoming a private mortgage or trust deed investor puts you exactly in that position!  You have absolute control over your investment, and your investment is secured to an actual real, tangible property!  Think about it, when you go to take a loan from a bank to buy your home, who makes the rules, you or the bank?  As much as Experian© would love for you to think that a 800+ credit score allows you to make the rules, thats not how it works.  The banker still makes the rules and you have to fit within their risk profile for a loan.  Well thats exactly what you get to do as a private mortgage/ trust deed investor.  You make the rules!

Private mortgage/ trust deed investing is an excellent way for hard working families, to invest in a real, tangible asset without having to quit their day jobs and become a full time real estate investor.  There are also many ways to invest in private mortgages and trust deeds.  There are many ways to gain access to investing dollars you never knew you had.  Here at Spearson Investment Group we want to educate and encourage people to look into the benefits of private mortgage and trust deed investing and how you can use this investing method to truly diversify your portfolio.  Here are some excellent reasons why someone should ADD private lending to their portfolio of well diversified, asset based, passive income driven investing portfolio:

  • You become the banker.  You make the rules and you control the risk.
  • You do legally CONTROL the property.  Think again of this from your own personal experience.  If you have ever bought a house, you signed a Mortgage or a Deed of Trust, along with a Note, and personal guaranty.  Now lets say you miss your payments... do you get to do what ever you want?  No, absolutely not!  Your BANK will foreclose and get that property back.  By investing into private mortgages, deeds of trust you now have the same CONTROL as the banks!
  • You receive monthly, PASSIVE income.  Passive simply means you are not having to work for that money.  That money shows up in your mailbox, or direct deposit, every month just as scheduled.  You are not having to trade your time for dollars.  You get paid for making wise investment decisions.
  • You have a team of licensed professionals handling every aspect of your investment business, to ensure you are staying on the legal side of being a private mortgage/ trust deed investor.
  • Investment secured to a real, tangible asset.  You have an investment that is a piece of real property and is not going ANYWHERE.  And if it does, thats what you have insurance for, which brings me to our next point....
  • Your investment can be INSURED.  Thats right, should the worst case scenario happen, fire, wind, or water damage, you have insurance that will insure that you as the lender get paid FIRST before your borrower.
  • The cost of your investment is PAID by someone else!  Thats right, try to go to an "investment" brokerage firm and tell them you'd like for them to pay all the cost of you investing with them?  In private mortgage/ trust deed investing thats exactly what you do with a borrower.  They pay for the services provided by your team... the attorney, the closing company, the title company, the real estate agent, the broker, the servicing company, and the list goes on and on.
  • You have more control over the effects of the real estate market on your investment.  What I mean here is that we all know the  real estate market also has cycles, ups and downs.  Yet because the real estate cycles take so long to change this gives you plenty of time to strategize with your CPA, and your financial consultant.  In traditional investments the market can change within 1 second after the opening bell.  That does not give you alot of control, and is extremely volatile.
  • And the list can go on and on....

By adding safety and risk mitigating vehicles to your portfolio, through private mortgage investing you and your family will be better suited to weather the financial storms that will always come.  Please take the time to browse our education and testimonial pages and learn about private mortgage and trust deed investing.  We are always available to discuss and provide strategies on how we are investing in real estate through private mortgages and deeds of trust.  Helping to educate others is truly our passion and desire.  Being able to see someone take that step, with confidence, into the world of private investing makes all our time worthwhile.  We would love to connect with you and help you along through education and teaching.  Please contact us below to begin your path of becoming the bank!

* This is not an offer or an invitation to sell or a solicitation of any offer to purchase any securities in the United States or any other jurisdiction. Spearson Investment Group is not a United States Securities Dealer or Registered Investment Adviser. Spearson Investment Group does not provide the purchase and sale of Registered Securities of any kind. *