Edwin Epperson of Spearson Investment Group briefly describes our funding solutions for real estate investment loans


This funding solution is most often used when our borrowers are in need of long term transactional loan or a construction bridge loan and they need funds from 2 weeks up to 4 months.  Like transactional funding, bridge loans rely heavily on sound solid exit strategies.  Our bridge funding is flexible and extremely useful for those who need gap funding between two loans.  Click on our icon to access our Funding Request Form if you need a bridge lending solution.


This is our premier loan solution.  Used widely by many types of borrowers seeking loans for many different types of projects, this solution is perfect for most real estate investors.   Our fix and flippers, our developers, and our even our buy and hold strategist use our short term funding.  Typically less than 12 months we strive to be flexible and pride ourselves being able to think outside the proverbial “box” to solve issues that develop through out our borrowers loan from origination to disposition sale.  Click on the icon to access our Funding Request Form if you need a short term funding solution.