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    Hi, my name is Edwin Epperson.  I am the CEO of Spearson Investment Group LLC, founded in 2011.  My goal through this blog is to help families and individuals, through education realize there are alternative ways to invest for their future.  By simply having the knowledge and know how of different investment options and opportunities, you will produce the results that you have been seeking to build your families generational wealth.  I am not here to sale anything.  I am not here to push a product or a service.  I am here to simply offer lessons learned and life experiences that have taught me how to make wise investment decisions, and what those wise investment decisions look like.  You will not find get rich quick schemes or material here.  If your looking for that please go somewhere else.  While some of the techniques and opportunities I discuss may produce those results in the long run, I, nor yourself should expect that your will produce those results every single time.... ask me how I know!

Who I am is simple.  I am a Christian, a husband, a father and a business man ... in that order.  However, my background may not be at all what you would expect.  I did not come from a wealthy family, not monetarily anyway, but wealthy in the things that mattered.  Loving parents, 4 brothers and a sister (Whom I love deeply and have the utmost respect for), friends and faith.  In those matters I am wealthy beyond measure.  When it comes down to it, that really is all that matters, money and earthly wealth, will pass away.  But those lives you have touched and empowered will last for an eternity.  For many reasons, the earthly wealth will allow you to have the freedom of time and the freedom of decision to enable you  to make those impacts on others lives.  I never spent more than 1 semester in college, and only one class at that, English 101, which I passionately hated!  This was all around the turn of the century, and of course we all remember that fateful day, September 11, 2011.  For me, as well as for many others this changed the way we lived, thought, and acted.  It solidified our beliefs in our country or changed them.  Whatever your thoughts or beliefs are about that day, the national and global reaction, or the causes we can all agree it was a pivotal moment on the global stage.  I was invigorated with the desire to serve my country and pursued that mission with every bit of vigor and passion, that I am sure, my father had wished I applied to my studies!  


May 16, 2002 I entered the U.S. Army, as an infantry rifleman.  I was stationed in Ft. Benning GA, with the 3rd ID.  A storied unit dating back to WWII.  We received our notice of deployment, to Kuwait, where we would wait to act upon our Presidents orders whatever they should be.  War was in the air.... every day we woke up in Kuwait was a day filled with intense training for the worst case scenario, only to barely get rest because of the expectancy that tomorrow could be the day.  March 20, 2003, at 2300hrs we began to cross the border into Iraq.  My life would never be the same.  So lets fast forward a decade.  I have served with 3rd Infantry Division (Mechanized), I served with 101st Airborne Division (LRSD/ PFDR), and now 2013, I am serving with 7th SFG (A) as a Combat Diver, Green Beret specializing in communications. We are in Afghanistan for my second tour, and I am battling an internal fight.  I love my job.  I love the business of taking the fight to the enemy.  I love the profound fulfillment of service to my country and fellow country men.  Above all else I love my fellow brothers in arms.  The Green Beret to my left and right, and the Green Beret who has my six.  Some of my best memories are those while deployed in the company of selfless men, who share the same loves I just described.


Yet I fought this internal struggle because I had been exposed to something that truly was life changing and helped set a course that would lead me to where I am today.  if you have ever read a book that significantly changed your life then you know the power that can be for you.  If you do not know of this, then begin looking, because inside those pages can be found some of life's greatest treasures.  The book I am referring to is "Rich Dad Poor Dad" -Robert Kiyosaki.  I read this book in 2006 and became determined to discover the different methods of investing into alternative assets outside of the stock market.  Mainly because I wanted more control of my investments, and wanted to position myself to quickly react to market shifts and changes while maintaining a higher rate of return than typically found in traditional investment vehicles.  It blew my mind that people would choose to invest in something so volatile, while being happy that the historical rate of return, since the stock markets beginnings, have through the decades hovered around 5 -7% Depending on who you talk to.  I know there are years where the stock markets returns were in the double digits, and I would like to add there where years where the stock markets loss's where in the double digits as well.  So wanted to discover an investment that I had:

  • 100% control over where I invested
  • 100% control over what I could invest in
  • 100% ability to mitigate the known risk in the investment
  • Have that investment INSURED against loss and damages
  • Have the ability to hedge against the market utilizing my own methods.  Methods I felt would protect me, not the interest of someone else whose whole career was based on keeping my investment with them.
  • Work with an adviser whose SOLE purpose was to make me wealthy... myself
  • Invest in something simplistic yet powerful
  • Know that my investments were making my community, town, city, state and even nation a better place to live and creating jobs....

  After years of searching, reading, attending seminars, and bootcamps.  I tried my hand in pink slip investing, picking stocks through my own brokerage accounts through USAA and King Trade, and even investing in an IPO.  I tried real estate wholesaling, real estate rehabbing, and real estate rentals.  Also during this entire time I had a retirement account with the military I had been adding money and slowly building, by adding money earned during my long deployments.  Would you like to know what I discovered in 2011?  Would you like to know what it was that forever changed the course of the way I invest?  I will tell you.... next time!  Until then may Jesus protect and bless everything you set your hands to do. 

Edwin Epperson

Spearson Investment Group LLC, 19046 Bruce B Downs Boulevard #413, Tampa, FL, 33647

Edwin Epperson III, is the Owner and Manager of Spearson Investment Group LLC.  Having started private lending in Florida in 2011, he has grown his company from a boutique private lending company to a mover and shaker in the south eastern united states.  Providing hard money loans, and even joint venture loans, he has grown his company to  rival the established lenders in Florida.  His personal attitude and unwavering loyalty to his real estate investors has kept his business on the cutting edge of investment loans to the rehab and new construction investors.