Becoming a Sophisticated Investor

As I mentioned in my last post, in 2011 I began searching out how to do private mortgage investing.  There were several reasons that I pursued this investment strategy.  Number one, I could actually drive by and physically see and even touch the projects I was lending on.  Number two, my investment capital was secured to the real property by way of a mortgage or deed of trust.  This security is recognized in the court of law as I retaining legal CONTROL of the real property.  Number three, I could manage people, which is what I was doing in the military.  These people were licensed professionals in their respective roles within the real estate industry.  No need for me to go out and get my real estate license, brokers license, become an attorney, own a title company and escrow company, and get my inspection and appraisal certifications.  No, I did not need to do any of that, I simply would direct and pass out instructions.  It was as if I became a conductor.  And every professional was a different instrument within my "band".  It was revolutionary!  Number four, I had 100% control over my my investment capital (more about that later) and I found ways to ACCESS capital that was hidden from me by virtue of my ignorance. Number five, I could hedge against the market fluctuation.  As you can imagine 2011 was right after one of the largest drops in real estate values across the entire united states in decades.  Being able to manage and mitigate the risk of that happening again became a requirement in my mind.

    After deciding that private lending was the perfect method found inside the vehicle of real estate Then I began to dig into the inner workings of private mortgage investing.  I came under the mentorship of George Antone an entrepreneur and author of The Bankers Code and The Wealthy Code 

Edwin Epperson

Spearson Investment Group LLC, 19046 Bruce B Downs Boulevard #413, Tampa, FL, 33647

Edwin Epperson III, is the Owner and Manager of Spearson Investment Group LLC.  Having started private lending in Florida in 2011, he has grown his company from a boutique private lending company to a mover and shaker in the south eastern united states.  Providing hard money loans, and even joint venture loans, he has grown his company to  rival the established lenders in Florida.  His personal attitude and unwavering loyalty to his real estate investors has kept his business on the cutting edge of investment loans to the rehab and new construction investors.