Please be aware as you fill out the loan application there will be a section that ask what type of funding you are requesting.  Please select "Other" and explain transactional funding.

Our Transactional Funding Solution is the absolute best in the business.  This funding solution was created and designed for wholesalers, new or experienced to be able to flip, their contracts to renovators while being able to delve into the world of REO's.  To date the bank industry has kept real estate that they have taken back in foreclosures, also known as REO's, to the experienced and capitalized investors.  For wholesalers this has always been a burden and a pain point.  Why, you may ask?  Well for one the bank requires you to sign a purchase and sale agreement WITHOUt the ability to assign the contract... big obstacle.  Also finding an attorney that will do simultaneous closings on REO's is well, far and few between.  So heres the scenario.  You bid on an REO.  You get it at a great discount.  You will be able to sale that contract for $5K, $10K, $15K, or more , YET the purchase agreement you had to sign from the seller (aka: The Bank) will not allow you to assign the contract.  Oh-Oh.  Now your EMD may be at risk... what do you do?  With Transactional Funding from Spearson Investment Group LLC, you can actually close in your companies name, and the bank will see that money has been wired into closing.  A few hours later your renovator arrives at the closing company and purchases the deal from you.  They send their money into escrow that morning for your purchase.  Escrow releases our capital back to us for a very small fee on your part, and then they close the original transaction with the renovators capital.  And you just made $5K or more.  You made this money on a deal, that was completely closed off to you before today.  How many deals like this could you do if you knew you could wholesale REO's!  Want to find out more?  Click on our application above to begin filling out our Transactional Funding Application!